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Selling High Performance Homes @CanyonTitle Westminster

Dates:6 Apr 2017 Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about high performance homes. Not all homes are built alike. Find out the important things you need to know to sell energy efficient homes effectively! Learn that “Cost per Square Foot” to own is more important than “Price per Square Foot” to buy!

Answer the question … Why Buy New?
This fast paced class will help you learn more about the value and benefits of high performance homes and how to promote them to your customers. Selling energy efficient homes effectively requires some understanding of construction and energy saving features. Learn about current market trends and evolving local codes.
• Build your value by being THE resource of information for buyers
• Educate customers on the value of high performance homes & energy savings
• Demonstrate comfort, healthier indoor environment, and durability of the home
• Leverage consumer trends and data
• Promote the value of HERS ratings and 3rd Party verifications
• Utilize national and local programs and savings that benefit consumers
• Develop strategies for branding and differentiation
• Improve customer satisfaction and communication
• Develop the relationship between builders, Realtors and homebuyers

Todd Promo Pic 1Todd Gamboa, President of Building Trust LLC, has been in the homebuilding industry for almost 30 years. He has held Executive Management positions in private and public homebuilding companies and built thousands of homes. He is a nationally recognized expert in the field of “Green” and energy efficient home building.

Hurry & RSVP as this Class is Complementary and offers 2 CE Credits!

Hosted By: Jenny Gilbreath

Unique Marketing and Financing Principles @ Canyon Title DTC

Dates:6 Apr 2017 Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

1. This class will help real estate agents uncover the often times hidden ability of their clients and prospects to purchase real estate.

2. We take a look at what typical consumers do with their money to see if it is getting them where they want to be, and if not, look at how we can.

3. We compare what the masses do with their money, to what the wealthy are doing with theirs, to see if we can get on the journey toward successful wealth creation.

4. We look at real estate as a tool to accomplish this feat, the role it plays in a person’s life, and the vast array of ramifications it creates when compared to the usual places money resides.

5. We finish by looking at exit strategies and how real estate compares to other typical financial and marketing strategies employed by the masses.

6. If anyone has ever said to you they would like to buy additional real estate but they don’t feel financially prepared to do so, this class is for you!

Paul LuchauPaul Luchau

Paul Luchau started in the financial services industry in 1985 and his passion for helping people revolves around helping consumers and financial professionals understand how money works. He enjoys presenting in public forums and his commitment to improving the level of expertise of financial professionals is demonstrated as he teaches classes for real estate agents with his D.O.R.A (Division of Regulatory Agencies) approved continuing education program. His passion for helping people began with his work in the mortgage industry; learning the ins and outs of banking and mortgage origination as he held various positions such as loan originator, Branch Manager, Regional Vice-President, and Vice President. Paul expanded his knowledge in the area of banking and real estate investing over the years and continues using this knowledge as a partner in a real estate investment firm in Minnesota. Paul became re-energized to make a difference in the lives of others and became an advocate of using the Circle of Wealth educational programs. These programs are designed to enhance financial literacy skills and empower individuals in their financial life through the use of teaching tools and calculators which allow people to gain a unique understanding of how money works. Paul attended college at the University of Minnesota, receiving a Bachelor of Science Business degree from the Carlson School of Management with a minor in Economics.

Hurry and register! This class is complimentary and offers 2 CE Credits.

Hosted By: Tony Cavalier



Renovation Lending @ Canyon Title DTC

Dates:6 Apr 2017 Time: 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM


Renovation Lending

In this class you will learn the fundamentals of renovation lending, how to use the 203k loans for purchase and refinances for well qualified customers as well as credit challenged customers.  How can someone buy/refinance and also have access to money to repair, upgrade or bring a home to FHA basic minimum standards all while using a lower down payment.

Marco Montano, graduated from Loma Linda University in 1991 with a BBA in Business Management. He also attended Cal State San Bernardino University for graduate studies in education. He taught for San Bernardino County Schools in San Bernardino California before going into the real estate business. Marco is now an Area Manager for Carrington Mortgage Service since August 2014 and has been teaching classes to Realtors since 2008 in Colorado. One of his passions is to be in the classroom educating Realtors in various topics and CE credit classes. Marco has various classes he teaches and is always adding new classes to his agenda. His experience and delivery will make every class flow smooth, and interactive. The goal for Marco is to teach Ce credit classes that are relevant to the market, and something Realtors can use in their tool box.

Hurry & RSVP as this class is complimentary and offers 2 CE Credits!

Hosted By: Morgan Bolinder

How to Dominate a Neighborhood with Real Estate Farming @ Canyon Title Westminster

Dates:6 Apr 2017 Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Are you a brand new agent trying to figure out how to start getting

business? Are you an experienced agent that would like to increase
their business? Are you an agent that has been farming and hasn’t
been getting results or just wants some fresh ideas? This class is for
you! In this three hour Colorado CE Credit class, you will find out
how to choose a farm, the pros and cons of actually living in your
farm, how to start a farm and tons and tons of ideas! The class is
fast paced and you will walk away with ideas that you can implement

Karen MistrotKaren Mistrot is a Managing Broker and Team Leader
for Karen & Company Realty located in South Denver.
She has been the #1 agent in her farm area in Parker
for over 10 years and the #1 resale agent in Parker for
2013, 2014 & 2015. She is often asked for assistance
by other agents with farming, teams, systems and more
so she decided to start teaching them to other agents!


Hurry and RSVP. This class offers 3CE Credits for only $35

Payment will be collected at the class in the form of cash or credit card Hosted by:

 Tony Cavalier

High Tech Farming @ Canyon Title DTC

Dates:11 Apr 2017 Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

High Tech Farming:  Market Domination for the Modern Real Estate Agent

If traditional farming worked for Real Estate Agents, why do 75% fail in the first year?  Then, why do traditional real estate companies keep teaching this as ‘the way to get business?  This class will teach you why digital marketing is the wave of the future and talk about why you can dominate any market more effectively than traditional farming ever could for a fraction of the cost.  There will also be a demonstration, how you can get ranked on Google, for any search, within hours.   From Real Estate’s Social Media Expert Jarred Talmadge comes a new class that will teach you a more effective way to dominate any local market you want.

Jarred Talmadge, MBA is the instructor for Database Management. An entrepreneur for almost twenty years, Jarred combines his knowledge of real estate and marketing with his experience and expertise in social media, to create an interesting seminar environment. Former students have gone so far to call him an Internet and Social Media marketing guru. His goal is to make the information he presents interesting and timely for real estate agents. Jarred has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.


This class is complimentary!

Hosted By: Tony Cavalier


Fundamentals of Land @ Canyon Title DTC

Dates:12 Apr 2017 Time: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

This course is specifically designed to answer questions related to becoming a competent Land Broker in Colorado.

Who can sell land? What land-related subjects need to be studied? And specifically where does one go, to become knowledgeable and qualified to competently manage land transactions?


Ken Turnbull

Mr. Turnbull became a Land Broker in 2006, operating under the Metro Brokers corporate umbrella as an independent consultancy. His practice is focused along the Colorado Front Range where he has studied and practiced extensively on all matters land related. Mr. Turnbull hosts a State-approved Land Course for Residential Brokers where they learn about such land matters as: Water Rights, Mineral Rights, Oil & Gas Leasing, Adverse Possession, Prescriptive Easements, Land Selection and Development, and Survey Issues, among others. Mr. Turnbull is an active affiliate member of the Colorado Bar Association where he participates in education programs to stay current with recent trends in the subjects Real Estate, Water and Oil industries. Mr. Turnbull promotes networking and education as a means to offer the most accurate, complete and current information in order to find creative solutions for his clients.

Hurry and RSVP as this class is complimentary, offering 2 CE Credits!

Hosted By : Morgan Bolinder


Credit Seminar @ Canyon Title Westminster

Dates:12 Apr 2017 Time: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

In this course you’ll learn:

  • Credit score ranges, scoring models & how they are calculated
  • What is the best mix of credit to obtain the highest score
  • How derogatory information may affect your credit and buying potential
  • How to increase your buying power with better scores
  • How to protect yourself from Identity Theft and Fraud
  • How current changes in the market impact scores including Bankruptcy, Loan Modifications, Disputed Accounts and the new Credit Card Act

Presented by: Dena Falbo, Advantage Credit, Inc.


Dena has been in Sales and Business Development for over 25 years. She specializes in Customer Service and Operational efficiency and creating revenue for her clients by using resources, experience and foresight. She is an entrepreneur who started and sold 2 businesses, and continues to advise the Roofing business that is owned by her husband David. Most recently, she has been in Sales and Business Development for a local Title Insurance company which has kept her closely involved in the mortgage industry for over 3 years. Dena is a Colorado native and she and her husband have 3 beautiful daughters and reside in Westminster. They have a very large and close family and enjoy boating in the summer and entertaining all year round. Dena enjoys cooking and baking and is a former professional cheerleader.


Light snacks and beverages will be provided!

2 CE Credits Provided | Cost: $10

Hosted By: Tony Cavalier

All In One Loan @ Canyon Title Westminster

Dates:12 Apr 2017 Time: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Don’t Want to Be Different? Expand your business with the All In One home loan, while saving clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in mortgage interests costs, giving them the power to access equity without refinancing, and allowing them to pay principal first.This presents a new growing market of potential clients who can benefit by selling their current homes and moving into new ones. The smarter way to borrow!

The All In One™ provides many benefits that reach a traditional mortgage can offer.  But to begin your understanding, first consider how you manage the money you use to pay for your housing and other budgeted needs.If you are like most Americans, you rely on a traditional checking account to temporarily store your income.  From there, you withdraw and distribute those dollars to pay for your monthly expenses and debts – but not all at once.

Brett R. Johnson

Brett is with Pinnacle Mortgage Capital and has been in the mortgage business since 1998.  He and his team are consistently providing production in the top 5% of his company.  The primary focus for the six (6) members of the Johnson Team is to provide legendary customer service and support to their clients and referral partners.

This class is $40.00 please pay at the door.

Hosted By: Tony Cavalier


CTM eContracts-Beginner @ Canyon Title DTC

Dates:13 Apr 2017 Time: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM



What you will learn: 


  • What are CTMeContracts? How do I get started? – Print Preview & PDF Print 
  • General Navigation of the System – Sending and Opening Documents via Email 
  • Utilities – Personalizing your eContracts account – Copy and Duplicate Locked Contracts 
  • Messages (Track Sent Emails) – Signing Contracts with a Mouse or Font 
  • – Real Estate Links – Changing a Contract before & after it’s been Locked 
  • – Creating a Clause Library – Docs Management Folder 
  • – Parent Contracts – Sign PDF Doc with eContracts Signature Technology 
  • – List of Contracts – Adding a Note to Documents 
  • – Features within the Contract to Buy and Sell – Hiding & Deleting Contracts 
  • – Auto Dating Deadlines – Miscellaneous Contracts Folder 
  • – Purchase Price & Terms 
  • – Moving Docs from Miscellaneous Contracts to a Specific Transaction 

We now offer CE Credit: 

  •  CTM eContracts classes are approved for 2 hours of Real Estate Continuing Education (CE Credits). 

All of our classes are complimentary, unless you would like to receive the CE Credit. The cost for 2 hours of CE Credit is $20 per agent 

Hosted by: Deborah Baker


Financing Investment Properties: A Complete Review @ Canyon Title DTC

Dates:13 Apr 2017 Time: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Working with investors is a great way to grow your business. They typically are looking to acquire more than 1 property and also work and associate with other investors. But financing investment properties isn’t always easy. This 2-Hour CE class is designed to teach agents how to finance investment properties—both before and after the purchase. By knowing how banks and lenders view investment properties and the qualifications of the borrowers involved, agents will be better suited to help in these investment acquisitions. The class will review how investment income is calculated, when it can be used for qualifying on a loan, appraisal reviews, general asset and reserve requirements, and much more.


Brent Blankenburg is, and always has been in the business of helping people. Before getting into the mortgage industry in 2013, Brent was a licensed Financial Adviser helping middle-class Americans prepare for retirement. As a Big Brother (through the Big Brother, Big Sister Program) he has also realized great potential for helping lower-income Americans with financial literacy, and dreams of developing an educational platform that will be palatable for the masses. He is also the Treasurer for a local community band called Rocky Mountain Brass works, but if you ask what instrument he plays you might be surprised to hear, “Just QuickBooks”. Because of these life experiences and personality traits, Brent prides himself on helping those who feel undeserved by the traditional lending channels.


Hurry and RSVP, this class is complimentary 2 CE Credits!

Hosted by: Morgan Bolinder

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Canyon Vision - BLOG

Canyon Title of Denver Achieves National Risk Rating Credential

Respected Colorado Settlement Firm Passes 100 Point Independent ......

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  • "Over the years I have closed real estate transactions with several Title companies around town, and I can't remember any of them. These companies were completely serviceable, and did a fine job, I guess that is an ok thing, I don't really think too much about title insurance. However, I recently had the pleasure to meet several folks over at Canyon Title. The professionalism and expertise were certainly memorable, and I left with the feeling that Canyon Title really understands how important it is for their clients to have a smooth closing. I have heard several stories of the Pros at Canyon Title going way out of their way to ensure that all the "t"s are crossed and the "i"s are dotted. Now I have zero doubt that these stories are actually facts. Canyon Title will be my title company of choice from here on out!"
    - Brian G., Littleton, CO
  • "We had a problem with our original HUD statement and the payout from our former lender. The problem was handled very quickly and efficiently, and was resolved in less than one business day. Shandelle was superb. Great company, great people!"
    - Jim V., Louisville, CO
  • "The entire staff at Canyon is so professional and willing to help and accommodate my requests. Ben Bunte and Mike Carwin, by far exceed all expectations. They are always willing to go over and above to make things happen and get our loans closed. It is truly a pleasure to work with such top notch professionals, and I would highly recommend them and Canyon Title to anyone."
    - Leslie L., Aurora, CO
  • "Tiffany Malafronte was our closer. She provided us with a Spanish speaking closer by the name of Leon Crawford. He was AWESOME!!! He was gentle, and courteous and made them feel confident about the transaction. My clients walked away from the closing guaranteeing more referrals for my business! I contribute some of that to Canyon Title for a job well done in providing the translator! Most large Title company's don't provide that service, and if they do it's not as sufficient as it was the Canyon Tile. I greatly appreciate it!"
    - T Wilcox
  • "Even though I was running late as the seller's agent, Mauria started the closing and everything went smoothly, as usual. Seller and Buyer was happy which is very important. Mauria is always available for questions and changes -- Canyon title cares about the details!!"
    - Rochelle Landau
  • "Best experience with a title company ever! Tony and his team quickly respond to my requests and get they get me and my team what we need within the hour of our request. The folks at Canyon are professional and can always seem to find me a closer no matter how far away the client(s) live. My clients are always well taken care of with Canyon title and for that reason I will only work with Canyon Title for my refinance transactions. I also love seeing their name on our purchase contracts."
    - Sean Houlihan
  • "Jodi was great, always helpful and responsive and easy to work with!"
    - Julie Trivers:
  • "Great Service. Tony, Lauren, Sabrina and the rest of the staff are amazing. My title company for life :-)"
    - Kemper Lewis
A Title Partner Focused on Your Success. Canyon Title (303) 831-7575

Canyon Vision - BLOG

13 Oct
Billionaire developer Joe Cayre comes to Denver; shares his inspirational story at recent industry symposium. A highly respected industry visionary recently shared his wisdom and experience as ......
19 Sep
Canyon Title of Denver Achieves National Risk Rating Credential Respected Colorado Settlement Firm Passes 100 Point Independent Evaluation Process Denver, CO, —Canyon ......

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