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Do you have what it takes to run a successful real estate team? @ Canyon Title DTC

Dates:19 Jan 2018 Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

In this complimentary course, you will discover the benefits of building a team, your role as a leader, and how to review your financials like a CEO.  You’ll learn about organizational models, lead flow needed to support your team, job descriptions, compensation, splits and how to hold people accountable.  We’ll provide a delicious lunch while you invest in your future.


Chris Tamm is a high-performing sales, marketing and systems consultant with a focus on growth and scaling.  In a four-year time period he grew a Denver real estate team from the ground to closing over 400 transactions a year. Chris was also the founder and CEO of Firepoint, a leading CRM and systems provider in the real estate space. Chris holds an MBA and has 16 years of business management experience including 7 years as CEO. Today, Chris consults with top teams and agents across the nation to help them rebuild, fine-tune, and scale their businesses.


Hurry and RSVP! This class is complimentary with 2 CE credits. Lunch will be provided by a sponsor.

                                                   Host: Ben Bunte 

HomeFundMe: Crowdfunding a Down Payment @ Canyon DTC

Dates:23 Jan 2018 Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

2017: A whopping 62% of homebuyers are Millennials or GenXers. This mega-powerful-consumer group is out in force BUT is still really struggling to come up with money for their down payment. Enter Stage Rate: HomeFundMe, the FIRST government agency (FNMA) approved Crowdfunding platform for down payments (think GoFundMe for Homes). WOW!! So, What is Crowdfunding? How does it work? How can Realtors use this product to help more buyers (millennials, genXers, and beyond)? Join us, for a 2 hour CE class where we will answer these questions AND MORE! Be prepared to be inspired!



Erin Bates (#Millennial #ColoradoNative)

Instructor Bio: Erin Bates, operations coordinator for the Klaess Lending Team with CMG Financial, has been in the mortgage and real estate industries since 2002.

She is an avid proponent of helping others achieve their dreams and is a whiz-kid when it comes to marketing to her peers (millennials and GenXers). She joined the Klaess team with CMG Financial, a national (and local) retail lender, about 1 year ago and has been continuously inspired by the corporation’s outside-of-the-box thinking and true heart for humanity.


Hurry and RSVP! This class is complimentary and worth 2 CE credits

Hosted By: Penny Crook Reynolds

Next Level Lead Generation for Loan Officers @ Canyon Title Westminster

Dates:23 Jan 2018 Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Are you finding it harder to get business?  Are your sales and marketing efforts not as effective as they used to be?  With digital advertising on the rise and interruption marketing on the decline, now is the time to learn new ways to drive business.  Introducing the new Pod-casting/Blogging class from Social Media Instructor Jarred Talmadge.  In this class, you will learn how pod-casting and blogging can exponentially grow your business and how it’s much easier than you ever thought.  In this class you will learn how to podcast and blog with ease, to build your business.  This is an advanced marketing class and will move quickly.

Jarred Talmadge, MBA is the instructor for Digital Lead Generation.  A Social Media Marketing Trainer, he’s been teaching real estate marketing for nearly twenty years.  Former students have gone so far to call him an Internet and Social Media marketing guru. His goal is to make the information he presents interesting and timely for real estate agents. Jarred has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.



Hurry and RSVP! This class is complimentary!

Hosted By: Tony Cavalier


Seven Styles @ Canyon Title Westminster

Dates:24 Jan 2018 Time: 2:00 AM - 4:00 AM

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why do some real estate agents flourish while others struggle to succeed?
  • What do successful agents do differently that drives their success?
  • Is there a “recipe for success”?
  • How does an agent re-invent themselves for continued success when the market changes?
  • How does an agent meet the needs of the new internet savvy consumer?

These questions are asked every day by real estate agents seeking to succeed, wanting to learn how to incorporate web strategies effectively, and searching for powerful new ways to be successful and significant.

This powerful presentation explores the patterns of success in real estate, it presents an innovative look at how the create a successful career and how to re-invent yourself when the market changes.

Topics covered include:

  • Changes in consumer behavior and how that impacts our Value Proposition
  • Learning how the “Success Triangle” will empower every agent to identify problem areas and craft a powerful business strategy to overcome challenges created by market and industry changes
  • Identifying the 7 “Success Styles” in real estate
  • Matching an agents personality and individual strengths to on of the 7 Success Styles to create an individual strategy that helps and agent create a genuine and authentic career
  • Business development plans for each “style: including lead generation stragtegies
  • Real world examples of successful agent’s nationwide who are succeeding with their own natural “style”


Bruce Gardner is a 20+ year veteran of the real estate industry and has more than 30 years of sales experience. He was the Director of Agent Development for Your Castle Real Estate in Denver, CO, from January 2009 until October 2012. Bruce holds the Graduate of the Realtor Institute designation, is a Certified Residential Specialist and is an Accredited Buyer’s Representative. He is a member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, was chosen as the 2008 Realtor of the Year for the Aurora Association of Realtor’s, and was chosen as the 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Women’s Council of Realtor’s.

Bruce teaches continuing education classes for the real estate community and he is a sought after speaker for industry groups. Bruce is the creator of the “Seven Styles Success System” for real estate Agents, and is an Expert on Lead Generation Strategies for real estate professionals. His speaking engagements include numerous Realtor Associations, individual real estate companies for private events, the Colorado Association of Realtor’s Annual State Convention and he has been a featured speaker at the National Association of Realtor’s Annual National Convention.


Hurry and RSVP! The cost of this class is $10 at the door.  Refreshments will be provided by a sponsor.

Host: Ben Bunte 

CTM eContracts - Beginner @ Canyon Title DTC

Dates:24 Jan 2018 Time: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM



What you will learn: 

  • What are CTMeContracts? How do I get started? – Print Preview & PDF Print 
  • General Navigation of the System – Sending and Opening Documents via Email 
  • Utilities – Personalizing your eContracts account – Copy and Duplicate Locked Contracts 
  • Messages (Track Sent Emails) – Signing Contracts with a Mouse or Font 
  • – Real Estate Links – Changing a Contract before & after it’s been Locked 
  • – Creating a Clause Library – Docs Management Folder 
  • – Parent Contracts – Sign PDF Doc with eContracts Signature Technology 
  • – List of Contracts – Adding a Note to Documents 
  • – Features within the Contract to Buy and Sell – Hiding & Deleting Contracts 
  • – Auto Dating Deadlines – Miscellaneous Contracts Folder 
  • – Purchase Price & Terms 
  • – Moving Docs from Miscellaneous Contracts to a Specific Transaction 

We now offer CE Credit: 

  •  CTM eContracts classes are approved for 2 hours of Real Estate Continuing Education (CE Credits). 

All of our classes are complementary, unless you would like to receive the CE Credit. The cost for 2 hours of CE Credit is $20 per agent 

Food will be provided by a sponsor 

Hosted by: Morgan Bolinder 


CHFA @ Canyon Title DTC

Dates:24 Jan 2018 Time: 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM

In 2016 over 6,000 Colorado families got a CHFA loan that helped them with down payment, closing costs and great loan programs. Learn how CHFA can help your prospects turn into homeowners too!

> Did you know:

CHFA has a one day turn time

CHFA never runs out of money

Borrowers don’t have to be first time homebuyers

> Benefits:

Learn about CHFA’s loan programs, CHFA DPA Grant, affordable interest rates

Help more potential homebuyers

Earn two CE credits

No cost to register

Get connected and network

Please join us for our complimentary two CE hour real estate broker Continuing Education (CE) class and find out how CHFA funds and programs can help your deals turn into closed deals! The class has been approved by the Colorado Real Estate Commission.

Kim JoCHFA 2009hnson – Business Development Specialist, CHFA 8 years Sr. Deputy Director, Fannie Mae 5.5 years AVP, Affordable Housing Manager, Wells Fargo Bank 11 years 

Prior to Wells – Various Mortgage Servicing lenders back to Kassler and Company in 1972 – 44 years in lending! 

RSVP today, this class is complimentary, lunch will be provided by a sponsor and offers 2 CE credits! 

                             Hosted by: Tony Cavalier 


CTM eContracts - Advanced @ Canyon Title DTC

Dates:25 Jan 2018 Time: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM


What you will learn and review: 


  • Utilities and Personal Settings Defaults 
  • Working with a Non-eContracts Transaction 
  • Docs Management System 
  • Using the PDF Signature Technology 
  • Replace Buyer’s Agent in Contract to Buy and Sell 
  • Copy & Duplicate Locked Contracts 
  • Client Database (Management System) 
  • Creating and Using Parent Contract Templates 
  • Creating Transaction Master Templates 
  • Creating and Using Custom Addendums 
  • How to Add Buyer’s Name to all Disclosures at Once 
  • Updating Deadline Dates from a Counterproposal or- Updating Your Transaction Status an Amend/Extend 
  • Update Email Address when Client info Changes transaction 
  • Hiding & Deleting Clients, Transactions and Contracts 
  • Inspection Objection Features 
  • Working with Team Members/Transaction Coordinators 
  • Organizing Your Transactions 
  • Recreating Original Disclosures 

Why you should attend this NEW Advanced Class: Learn about our Newest Features and Enhancements Including: 

  • Sync your Dates & Deadlines with Outlook, Google Calendar & iCal 
  • Co-Listor/Co-Buyer Transactions 
  • Assign a Single Transaction to another agent who is using eContracts 

We now offer CE Credit: 

  • CTMeContracts classes are approved for 2 hours of Real Estate Continuing Education (CE Credits). 

All of our classes are complimentary, unless you would like to receive the CE Credit. The cost for 2 hours of CE Credit is $20 per agent 

Hosted by: Tony Cavalier 


2018 Annual Commission Update (ACU) @ Canyon Title DTC

Dates:25 Jan 2018 Time: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

2018 Annual Commission Update (ACU) Course Highlights:


Administrative Law, Title/Closing Issues…Affiliated Business Arrangements (AFBA),

FIRPTA, Closing…Whose is it?,  Wire Fraud, Power of Attorney (POA),

Real Property Transfer Declaration…Fact vs. Fiction


2018 Approved Contract (SPD)/Forms Changes (Standard Forms…”F” Rules),

Property Management, Broker Safety-Tips, Lockbox Security


RESPA, DRE Sunset Review (Broker License Renewal…Effective 1 Jan 2018,

Employing Broker Designation License Requirements…Effective 1 Jan 2019)

Community Association Management (CAM) Program, HOA (Construction Defects),

Subdivisions and Condo Conversions


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

Web Resources



Course Instructor: Richard ‘Dick’ Stephenson

Dick is committed providing quality training to help students prepare for a successful Real Estate Career and enable both new and experienced Agents to provide professional, high quality service to their clients and fellow professionals in this complex and ever changing profession. Dick has been a licensed, practicing, fulltime Real Estate agent and Realtor(c) since 1995 with a variety of Companies; he is presently an Instructor for “Real Estate Training Center of Colorado, Inc.”



CE CREDIT: 4 Hours | Cost: $35.00

Hosted by: Penny Crook

Please register at

or call RETC, 303-421-9078

Real Estate Investor Success Workshop @ Outside location

Dates:26 Jan 2018 until 28 Jan 2018 Time: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

The Real Estate Investor Success Workshop is a workshop co-sponsored by Sunrise Realty Pros, The DB Group and Canyon Title. This workshop obliterates the fantasies sold by national trainers by giving you the knowledge and tools you need to make your real estate investing a success rather than a dream. Taught by an investor/realtor team who are seasoned trainers with more than 25 years of experience in real estate between them, you will receive the step by step “how to’s” you need to do flips, buy and holds, lease options, subject to’s, wholesaling, lending and so much more.


Topics include:

  • Learn more than 10 types of real investments you can quickly implement
  • How to find properties/deals
  • How to estimate ARVs (after repair value)
  • How to quickly estimate rehab costs the first time you view a property
  • How to maximize profit with the right rehab
  • How to maximize profit with the right exit strategy
  • How to create net sheets for the different types of projects
  • How to ensure you will NOT lose money
  • Creative financing that enables you to do deals with little or no money
  • What to look for in a contractor and how to hire them
  • How to manage a contractor during rehab
  • Insurance – right coverage for the right project
  • Closing, Title Insurance, and all the “gotchas” of the real estate transaction
  • How to find the right type of realtor and how to successfully work with them
  • How to stay out of legal and financial trouble after the project ends
  • OPM – other peoples’ money, what it is and how to get it
  • Lending – Be the Bank
  • Other Investing Strategies
  • Business Development – how to make real estate investing a business rather than a hobby
  • And so much more…

Forget about stapled sheets of overhead slides that 3 months down the road become fairly meaningless. The Real Estate Investor Sucess Workshop comes with a 200+ page, single spaced manual with a table of contents and index for each section and an accompanying glossary of terms. If you forget anything from the workshop, you can read it in the text – you won’t miss a thing! The workshop also includes a resource CD with spreadsheets, worksheets, sample contracts, lien waivers, statement of work, and other helpful tools.

The training takes place January 26th-28th, 8:30am-5:00pm

Continental breakfast will be provided.

Host: Robert Schindehette


Divorce Lending Professional Certification class @ Canyon Title DTC

Dates:29 Jan 2018 until 30 Jan 2018 Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

With 2.4 million divorces happening every year in the United States and with 70% of these divorces involving real estate, the Certified Divorce Lending Professional is and essential resource for divorcing couples, divorce attorneys and financial planners.

CDLP certification demonstrates a deep knowledge and commitment to practicing divorce lending.  as a Certified Divorce Lending Professional you can showcase your training by presenting approved continuing education classes to CFPs, CDFAs and family law attorneys

CDLP certification is recognized as the standard of excellence in the divorce lending field.  Having your CDLP certification enables you to stand out in the industry and communicates your eexpertise and credibility to your clients and referal partners.  Learn to be ahead of the refferal by being involved during the divorce process and not a post decree referral.

This certification program is much more than the credentials behind your name.  the CDLP program not only provides you with knowledge base required to effectively practice in divorce lending, it provides you with the tools and resources to build your business as a divorce lending professional


Jody Bruns is the founding member and president of the Divorce Lending Institute and was instrumental in the development of the Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP) Certification Program and the Certified Divorce Real Estate Professional (CDREP) Certification Program. With over 25 years experience in finance and mortgage banking, Jody implements her experience and knowledge of current real estate trends and conditions to help mentor and train other mortgage professionals on how to succeed in the divorce lending market. As an industry educator, she shares her knowledge and expertise with mortgage professionals, attorneys, financial planners, CPAs, real estate professionals and others by developing and providing targeted presentations and continuing education classes relevant to their success in their chosen fields.

Register today at





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Brokers have seen the number of technology tools ......

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Mid-Year Performance Check-Up

With 5 months of the year left to ......

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  • "Over the years I have closed real estate transactions with several Title companies around town, and I can't remember any of them. These companies were completely serviceable, and did a fine job, I guess that is an ok thing, I don't really think too much about title insurance. However, I recently had the pleasure to meet several folks over at Canyon Title. The professionalism and expertise were certainly memorable, and I left with the feeling that Canyon Title really understands how important it is for their clients to have a smooth closing. I have heard several stories of the Pros at Canyon Title going way out of their way to ensure that all the "t"s are crossed and the "i"s are dotted. Now I have zero doubt that these stories are actually facts. Canyon Title will be my title company of choice from here on out!"
    - Brian G., Littleton, CO
  • "We had a problem with our original HUD statement and the payout from our former lender. The problem was handled very quickly and efficiently, and was resolved in less than one business day. Shandelle was superb. Great company, great people!"
    - Jim V., Louisville, CO
  • "The entire staff at Canyon is so professional and willing to help and accommodate my requests. Ben Bunte and Mike Carwin, by far exceed all expectations. They are always willing to go over and above to make things happen and get our loans closed. It is truly a pleasure to work with such top notch professionals, and I would highly recommend them and Canyon Title to anyone."
    - Leslie L., Aurora, CO
  • "Tiffany Malafronte was our closer. She provided us with a Spanish speaking closer by the name of Leon Crawford. He was AWESOME!!! He was gentle, and courteous and made them feel confident about the transaction. My clients walked away from the closing guaranteeing more referrals for my business! I contribute some of that to Canyon Title for a job well done in providing the translator! Most large Title company's don't provide that service, and if they do it's not as sufficient as it was the Canyon Tile. I greatly appreciate it!"
    - T Wilcox
  • "Even though I was running late as the seller's agent, Canyon started the closing and everything went smoothly, as usual. Seller and Buyer was happy which is very important. They are always available for questions and changes -- Canyon title cares about the details!!"
    - Rochelle Landau
  • "Best experience with a title company ever! Tony and his team quickly respond to my requests and get they get me and my team what we need within the hour of our request. The folks at Canyon are professional and can always seem to find me a closer no matter how far away the client(s) live. My clients are always well taken care of with Canyon title and for that reason I will only work with Canyon Title for my refinance transactions. I also love seeing their name on our purchase contracts."
    - Sean Houlihan
  • "Canyon Title was great, always helpful and responsive and easy to work with!"
    - Julie Trivers:
  • "Great Service. Tony, Sabrina and the rest of the staff are amazing. My title company for life :-)"
    - Kemper Lewis
A Title Partner Focused on Your Success. Canyon Title (303) 831-7575

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